I have just been feelin all sorts of BLESSED lately.

With school being cancelled and all, I’ve had time to just chill which is really nice. I got brunch on Tuesday at The Shack which I had heard good things about and wanted to check out. I got the “Merica” french toast which came with strawberries, blueberries, honey marmalade (or something along those lines), syrup, and whipped cream. It was soo delicious and I regret nothing. It was a cute lil restaurant with writing ALL over the walls, so I added to it with a heart featuring me and my friends name in the middle of it. We also hit up the park which was super nice because it wasn’t raining and it was beautiful outside. I love being outside as much as I can when the weather’s nice because if I don’t, I feel like i’m wasting the sunny day.  Overall, it was just a really great day.

Yesterday, I just chilled and had a chiropractor appointment to check on my ankle. Good news: I can start doing more movements on it and it’s improving. Not so much lateral or impact movements, but it’s a good start and better than nothing.

Now I just wish the rain would chill out. We’ve had enough for a while and I’m ready for the sun to start shining again.

I mean, i’m totally good with another rain day too, though 😉


Getting deep

The remodeling of my room sort of represented the remodeling of my life.

As walls were covered with new paint, and new decorations were added, my past was being renewed into a remodeled future.

When I moved out of my mom’s house and into my best friend’s house, my whole life was changed. My address, city, zipcode, phone number, and living area. It was scary and new, but I had a strong support system in the renovation of my life. My dad and stepmom helped me every step of the way, providing everything they possibly could for me, and I can’t thank them enough for it. They helped me gather the strength and courage to make a change for the better; something I probably never would have done on my own. After the move, I disconnected ties with my mother because I just couldn’t handle the mental abuse anymore. The court system mandated counseling appointments between my mom and I so I had to go, whether I was willing to or not. Many people I talked to asked me when I would eventually talk to my mother again and reconnect with her. This was the part that frustrated me the most. She was a toxic person, and toxic people do nothing but bring you down in life. Why should I let her back in when it would only hurt me further? Just because she’s my mother does not mean I have to allow her to make me miserable again. I spent so long, building up the bravery to finally do what’s best for me without guilt, and now that I have freed myself from it, everyone tells me I should go back to it.

I think this is what a lot of people struggle with in life in biologocial and romantic relationships. The people they are around constantly hurt them, and since they are so deeply rooted, they don’t want to escape the situation. These situations just lead to long-term unhappiness and an unneccessary degredation in quality of life when all you have to do is cut those people off.

Even if you’ve known them forever, you shouldn’t feel bad, because in the end, the only person’s happiness that should really matter is your own. I am happier now than I have ever been, living a life that I never viewed as ideal. I never ever thought I could survive without my mom, but it turns out that I am much better off without her. This just goes to show that finally taking the step out of your comfort zone can lead to amazing changes in overall quality of life.

Cheer Rant

I will never understand why cheer leading is so underappreciated and made fun of.

It involves just as much hard work, dedication, time, and practice as any other sport, yet receives so much less recognition. Yes, we don’t throw or catch a ball, but we throw and catch entire bodies. Tumbling, stunting, and dance require strength, endurance, and body control. We contort our bodies into unnatural positions on one leg, ten feet in the air, but it’s not hard enough to be considered a sport by most. Typical cheer routines involve two and a half to three minute routines of constant body motion: transitions, jumps, tumbling, stunting, and yelling. This is equivalent to three straight minutes of sprinting while smiling and yelling at the top of your lungs.

The stakes are also much higher than most sports. You have ONE shot to do it perfectly; no re-dos or start-overs. Every little detail is judged and one arm in the wrong place can mean the difference between first and second place. We work our butts off for months, beating our bodies up continuously, just for three minutes on a large blue mat.

All of this, and cheer leading is portrayed as more of a hobby than a sport. Cheer leading is seen as shaking pom-poms and high-kicks, when in reality, it is intense, dangerous, and difficult- and that is why I love it! 🙂

Moving On

It’s so weird transitioning from high school to college (cheerleading wise).

First off, it’s strange to think I will never cheer at Marquette in a Marquettte uniform ever again. The next uniform I will wear is going to be green and white and look completely different. The next game I will cheer at is going to be on a completely different field, five hours away from here. The faces in the crowd will be brand new and there will be so many more than I am used to. When I come back to visit Marquette, the Varsity cheer team is going to be completely different, and I will be in the stands while someone else is in the place of me up in the air. I will have my own new teammates and have my own seperate routine, completely different than my high school ones ever were.

It’s so crazy. They are already having tumbling classes, practices, and scheduling different events in a new groupchat that I am no longer a part of. I am also part of a new groupchat with a different set of people which just feels so weird to me. It’s just so wild that my life is going to change in so many aspects after four years of familiarity in the same program and school. I’m excited and anxious all in one but probably more excited than anything.

It’s just a completely new chapter that I can’t wait to start.

Hidden gems

So I’ve had a pretty busy weekend but it has been pretty eventful. 

On Friday, I helped my friend ask another friend to prom which was super cute. Then, I covered someone’s shift from 5-10 which is wayyy past my bed time. 

On Saturday, I worked my normal hours (1-6), then got dinner at a place I had never eaten at before. The place was called Revel Kitchen and it was in Brentwood. It was a cute little restaurant that was barely big enough to fit more than 10 people at once. Despite it’s size, the food was QUALITY FOOD. All of the options on the menu were super fresh and that’s why I loved it. All of the ingredients were real and raw but so delicious. The meal was pretty pricey in the end, but I feel like it’s hard to get healthy food for cheap nowadays (it’s such a shame). I ended up getting Asian style cauliflower rice with salmon and a side of Moroccan sweet potatoes. It was literally one of the best meals I’ve had in a while. The portion size was enough to fill me up and even have enough for leftovers the next day which I was super happy about. You could just tell that effort and care were put into the meal to make it health conscious and I really appreciated that. Overall, I was super pleasantly surprised and think that anyone who has the chance to, should definitely try it out. It was a lovely hidden gem to find. 

After the meal, I got a good workout in and then hit the bed. Today, I worked out in the morning and then just worked my regular weekend hours as usual. Nothing too exciting, and I was pretty bummed I couldn’t be outside in the beautiful weather. At least it will start warming up again this week so I will have more chances to enjoy the sunshine and hopefully get some color, because I am way too pale at the moment.  Anyway, that was my busy lil weekend and I can’t wait to knock out another week of senior year. I’m counting down the days! 


So I agreed to take someone’s shift today from 4:30 to 8:30 and I already regret it. 7 minutes into my shift. 

I’m working the kids club where people drop off their kids while they work out and I’ve never worked it before so I have no clue what I’m doing but it’s cool. Apparently Tuesday’s are usually really slow so it looks like I’m going to have a lot of downtime. Yayyyyy 🙂 So far, no kids. But we’ll see. Also it’s freezing in here. Like at least 10 degrees colder than if u just step out of the door. I’m also alone so there’s really nothing to do so I figured I would blog. At least I’m getting paid, right?!

I think I’ll just sit here and people watch. I like watching people and getting new workout ideas so this shouldn’t be that bad. Except I look like a bored loner in here by myself. 

I tend to eat when I’m bored and I only brought two snacks so I’m going to have to ration them to get me through the night. I’m so dramatic, but I hate doing nothing which is exactly what I’m doing right now. I don’t know if I want kids to come or not, but if they do, at least I’ll be more entertained.

Well anyway, I’ll be here all night, counting down the minutes… 

See ya! 

Life is gooooood

So, I’m generally a happy person, but lately i’ve just been SO content and joyful about life. Nothing really huge has changed in my life, but I feel like my outlook just has. I don’t know, I’m just surrounded by the most supportive and loving people, and that has not always been the case growing up.

Over the weekend, I headed over to my dad’s house after my Saturday work shift. I normally work weekends, so I don’t get to visit them that often, so I was so excited to see everyone after months of not seeing them. I know it kills them just as much as it kills me to miss so much of each other’s lives, but I know they understand and I am super grateful for that. My brother was just as cute as he was last time I saw him, (he’s such a sweetheart), the puppies were still just as rambuctious, and my dad and stepmom were still just as loving. (P.S If you’re reading this Steff, I love youuuu!) Anyway, I had such a good time just being in their presence and catching up on all that I had missed over the past few months. We had a family movie night out on the deck (after messing with the sound system for about 30 minutes), and watched Moana. It was so good and the music in it was beautiful. I cuddled with the doggies about every 10 minutes and played video games with my brother where I proceeded to get my butt kicked in every single game we played. At this point, I’m not even surprised that I continuously get beat by a 7 year old. We had a delicious buffet of Easter foods which I thoroughly indulged in because life is too short to eat healthy on holidays lol.

Then, when I got back home in Missouri, I kicked my own butt in the gym on leg day and got real sweaty just how I like it. I had already taken Saturday off working out and two days was just too much for me to rest. I have a problem hahah.

Then, I got home, showered, and passed out. It was a great weekend and I wouldn’t have traded a second of it for the world. 🙂